A song that makes me want to travel

I have always been a big fan of Mafikizolo, and when this song came out I pretty much went straight to my happy place. Music is such a critical component of a lot of the work that mike and I find ourselves doing. We have to think of pitch and pace when we are putting together series shots or clips. 

Music is the behind the scenes backbone that can carry an entire documentary from being ho-hum to something really enticing and involved. When you see a whale jumping out of the waves and crashing back into the sea on something like a BBC documentary, symbols crash and an entire orchestral build up makes you feel as if you can almost taste the splash back. Music can give us the soundtrack to how we are feeling. It can put you in the mood, terrify your socks off, make you feel all sentimental and nostalgic or whip you into a dancing frenzy.

When I heard this song for the first time it made me want to pick up the camera, start filming and get lost somewhere in South Africa.

We are going of to Senegal soon to write an article on women and fisheries and I think this is my inspiration track I am going to take with me.


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