Base jumping underwater

I am not one for heights, in fact a few years ago while we were in Singapore visiting friends I managed to get myself stuck on a canopy tour, clinging like a sweaty panic stricken village idiot to a tree trunk as small children no higher than my knee caps hooked up their zip lines and scooted off nonchalantly. I even once got stuck in St PetersBasilica, after climbing up the millions of stairs to see the view from the top and then releasing that my legs were shaking so hard I could not get back down again. The thing I love about being in the water is that it often gives you the feeling of being able to fly. Of course thats only when it is crystal clear and you don't have bits of flotsam and jetsam cruising past you. So when Mike first showed me this video all I could think was , 'hey it's underwater, that would be so much easier than having to do that on land.'

It's a lie. It looks just as terrifying. Here's why.

World champion free diver Guillaume Nery ( )  and the french free diving champion Julie Gautier put together this lovely little Artistic fiction project about free diving into Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world. The fact that it was filmed all on breath hold makes it really special. Now Deans Blue Hole, found in the bahamas, is described as being the worlds deepest know Blue Hole. What's a Blue Hole you say? Well 'Blue Hole' is a term that is often given to sinkholes that are filled with water, while the entrance to them is located beneath the surface. Dean's plunges to a depth of 663 feet (202 meters) in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island.

"While most other known blue holes only reach maximum depths of 360 feet, the 663 foot depth of Dean's Blue Hole makes it quite exceptional. At the surface, Dean's Blue Hole is roughly circular with a diameter ranging from 82-115 feet (25-35 meters). After one descends 66 feet below the surface, the hole widens considerably into a cavern with a diameter of 330 feet (100 meters)"

It has to been seen to be believed.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie GautierOUR NEW FILM NARCOSE IS ONLINE:


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