Sponsorship: K-way Bag from Cape Union Mart


Nothing says "ready for a travel adventure" like packing up your trusty backpack. A huge thank you must go to Cape Union Mart who came to our travel rescue by providing the #nomadgorillas team with a very nifty little backpack. It held all our bits and bobs (even Chris Kaastens funny little monkey mascot) all the way up and down some rather slippery slopes. I'm a sucker for any outdoorsy gear and a total gadget freak so this bag was all kinds of fun and it's great to have the support from Cape Union Mart for our adventures, here's to many more! Pictured are models, Dawn ,Kelly, Joe and Chris show off the K-Way gradient 25l beauty, check it out and loads of other gear to keep your outdoor spirit going online as well as in their stores around South Africa.

Kelly and her K-Way get up close and personal with a Highland Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda.


Not just for finding Gorillas, Chris takes the K-Way Gradient out on the town in Kampala for a full day tour of the city via Boda Boda



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