Teser for East Africa Marine Transect


It has been a few months since the EAMT team finally hit home shores after four months of 138 hours underwater, diving a total of 234 dives along some of the most exiting and untouched sections of the East African Coastline. Using stereo imaging we gathered large-scale quantitative data on diversity, abundance and fish body size from South Africa to Somalia, the largest data set of its kind along this coastline. This data, which is now in the process of being analyzed, will be open-sourced to anyone and everyone who wishes to use it.

For the full journey and details of the expedition our site Marine Transect is still running or feel free to join us on our mailing list or twitter for regular updates on our currant projects and progress.

While we are still very much in the development phases of the post expedition processes, things are moving along as you can see here we have a short promo of our last expedition. We are currently looking for partnerships, commissions or distribution that can help take this series through to completion, so please feel free to get in touch with us if it sparks your interest.

Teaser for The Marine Transect : The Good Work Picture Company

Music: Daniel Eppel - danieleppel.com

East African Marine Transect - Teaser


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