Welcome to the Explorers Club


We are very proud to announce that Mike has been voted in as a member of the Explorers Club.

With its international multidisciplinary professional society the club encourages intrepid, envelope-pushing adventurers to assemble and share information about the earth, oceans, air, space, ancient civilizations and species, science and to promote conservation. Since its inception in 1904, the Club has served as a meeting point and unifying force for explorers and scientists worldwide.

Filling the ranks of famous members are familiar names in adventure and exploration like Sir Edmund Hillary, Roald Amundsen, Sir Ranulph Fiennes , John Glen as well as Dian Fossey and Dr. Jane Goodall and Robert Ballard (an underwater archaeologist who discovered the wrecks of the Titanic)

Taken from their website, http://www.explorers.org/,

“Probably the most powerful resource available to those who join the Club is fellowship with other members—a global network of expertise, experience, technology, industry, and support. The Explorers Club actively encourages public interest in exploration and the sciences through its public lectures program, publications, travel program, and other events. The Club also maintains Research Collections, including a library and map room, to preserve the history of the Club and to assist those interested and engaged in exploration and scientific research.”

The Club also has a flag, carried by members on expedition to represent a history of courage and accomplishment. Carried on hundreds of expeditions by Club members since 1918, it has been flown at both the North and South poles as well as outer space and the depths of the ocean

With 3000 members worldwide it’s an honor to now be counted as one of them


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