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Join our guest post this week by Paul Trevino as he takes us on a journey through ten exquisite destinations that should be on your travel list this year

It’s 2016, and we’re finally becoming more aware of the complexity, fragility and inestimable value of our planet Earth. Ecotourism is gaining increasingly more popularity, and that’s mainly because the destinations revealed are exclusive, stunning, and particularly alluring. Today’s traveler wants escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and escape into a world of serenity, abundant vegetation, and sheer peace. The following green adventures are the best on Earth, so if you want to visit a new and breathtaking destination this year, make sure to add them to your travel plans.


1.          The Norwegian Fjords


Commonly known as the "Land of the Fjords", Norway prides with over 2,000 fjords. Some of them are thousands of years old, and they’re truly spectacular. These rare natural beauties attract travellers from all over the world; so if you’re looking for a wild, adventurous travel spot, the Norwegian Fjords should be on your list. Among some of the most famous, we should definitely mention Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord.


2.         Kerala, India


Kerala is one of India’s finest travel destinations. It prides with stunning beaches, virgin forests and adventurous boat tours. If you like hiking and trekking, explore Gaths Mountains and relish in the green biodiversity; but if you’d rather sit in the sun and enjoy swimming, then you should head to the golden-sand resorts of Kovalam and Varkala.


 3. Table Mountain, Cape Town


Cape Town’s landmark and probably the most recognized natural attraction is Table Mountain. The flat-topped mountain is a significant point of interest in the city because it offers stunning views, a varied fauna and flora, and incredible hiking and trekking spots.

4. Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon is located near Reykjavik, its stunning city capital. Formed in the middle of a lava field due to intense volcanic activity, the lagoon is an all-natural outside swimming pool with geothermal water. Those hunting for a place to relax their mind and body should definitely check out this amazing place.


5. The Canary Islands


This surreal Spanish heaven is the best place in the world to spend a rejuvenating getaway. The Canary Islands are surrounded by dramatic mountains, charming seaside villages and quaint pueblos. You’ll instantly fall in love with the cultural diversity and scenic beauty of the surroundings.


6.  Palau


Palau is a place like no other on Earth. It prides with an underwater ecosystem you’ve never seen before, as well as with endless natural wonders. The archipelago spans nearly 200 volcanic and limestone islands, most of which have never been touched by human foot. Diving is the most common type of activity here, but also snorkeling and kayaking.


7. Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a tropical adventure land with misty crater lakes, secluded beaches and alluring waterfalls. Explore this place foot, with a kayak or on horseback and relish in its natural beauties. Costa Rica offers a wealth of outdoor adventure for travellers, such as world class surfing, high altitude trails and exceptional vistas of the abundant vegetation.

 8.  The Amazonian Rainforest


The amazing Amazonian Rainforest is home to the world’s highest biodiversity of plants. The whole basin encompasses 7 million sq. km; nearly 60% of the forest is included in Brazil. This wonderful natural reserve has over 40,000 species of plants and close to 1,300 birds. Exploring it will be like visiting a wild zoo.


9. The Galapagos Islands 

Galapagos Islands are an isolated amalgam of volcanic islands with an incredibly fragile ecosystem. It is completely secluded from the rest of the world, located in the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re searching for peaceful, remote travel destination to enjoy a relaxing holiday, Galapagos Islands is the answer.

10. The Great Himalayan National Park


India’s Great Himalayan National Park is home to nearly 180 species of mammals and rare birds. The wildlife surrounding this reserve is breathtaking, as well as the scenery and the cultural diversity. The best activities onsite are hiking and trekking; explore untouched trails by human foot, get to know more about the fascinating Indian people and their customs, and have the time of your life admiring the world’s highest peak – the Everest.


The world is packed with exquisite travel places. However, only some are truly spectacular. Now that the modern tourist has started to value eco-tourism more than in the past, the 10 amazing destinations we mentioned above will certainly exceed all their expectations.


Paul Trevino is a travelling freak who has travelled many destinations around the world. He also loves writing about his travelling experiences and the places he has explored. He writes for Cape Portfolios which offers rental villas in Cape Town. You can also find him at Google+ and Twitter.


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