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Welcome to Nosy Be

A few weeks ago Mike and i were lucky enough to be invited over to the island archipelago of Nosy Be in Madagascar. 

Mora Mora in Malagasy translates to ‘relax, it will happen – it just takes time’  and it has taken us a long enough time to travel here finally and that is fitting because much of Madagascar is relatively unexplored and undiscovered, a good match then. We spent our days diving in this wonderful part of the ocean and exploring the different bays, beaches and ocean culture that makes up the Northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be means "big island" in Malagasy, and one of its other nicknames translates to “the perfumed island", its first inhabitants believed to be 15th-century Swahili and Indian traders. There is a rich history of ocean life and folklore that permeates through the islets that dot the waters around the planets fourth largest island and we were very lucky to be invited into this space. We are continually amazed by the quality of diving here in Nosy Be, Mike remarking that we found numerous mature red snapper on the reefs- it’s a sign that heavy fishing is not happening in the MPA as these would normally be the first to go. Move over Zanzibar, with uncrowded reefs in such good condition compared to to others in East Africa , it makes you want to come back and see more. 

This is a destination that I believe should be on every divers potential top ten list.

This video is about exploring the rich underwater and cultural heritage of Nosy Be, Madagascar. It was filmed during a 7 day visit by Moving Sushi, who would like to thank MadagasCAT, Fly Airline and Nosy Be Tourism for this opportunity. Nosy Be is truly magnificent.

Thank you to MadagasCAT , Fly Airlink and Nosy Be Tourism for showing us a very special part of the ocean. 


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