The name “Moving Sushi” was first etched in vinyl, in 2008, along the body of a 4x4 before Mike and Linda set out on a 42-country expedition driving across East and West Africa, Europe and Asia. For two years they documented in video and photos the inspirational stories of people who are doing things right when it comes to ocean conservation.

Since then Moving Sushi has begun to evolve into a passionate team dedicated to all things ocean and marine related. From filmmaking, journalism,blogging and photography to ground breaking expeditions, fisheries science, ocean conservation and travel writing as long as it involves a passion for the ocean we will try and document it. 



Mike Markovina

Director/ Fisheries Scientist

He is currently working as a freelance fisheries monitoring control and surveillance consultant for the Smart Fish program being conducted in different countries along East Africa. He’s also the one that comes up with the big ideas, always the first into the water and last out. If he’s not packing a bag and sitting in airport terminals he can be found working with passionate and driven people writing, photographing, film making and on expeditions across Africa. Feel free to say hi if you see him stuck in a mud hole or covered in seaweed


Linda Markovina

Director/ Photography and Travel Journalist 

Linda is working as a freelance photography and travel journalist. She considers herself to be the better looking half of Moving Sushi and the only one who is ever online. She blogs on behalf of Moving Sushi for various online platforms and writes travel guides on various East And West African countries. Her main loves are writing about travel, the natural world around us and how we as people interact with it, as long as it’s not anything to do with snakes. Snakes give her the willies.


Dr. Rhett Bennett

Director/ Fisheries Scientist

Rhett is a passionate scientist with a keen interest in the African oceans.Growing up in the Eastern Cape ocean he has spent most of his life in the blue, studying,observing or just marvelling at everything under the waves. Currently he is working on his post doctorate. He is also the sensible one who crosses the 'T's and dots the 'I's' and likes to identify most fish by their proper,latin scientific names-most of which he always seems to know offhand.


Disclaimer from Linda 

As a freelance Journalist I spend a lot of my own and ,on occasions when he’s not looking , Mike’s money in order to travel to different countries and participate in different activities. There is a myth that a travel writer makes enough money to live on. A very small majority makes bank and the rest of us cry into our pillows at night when we have to do tax returns. Twice. Writing is not particularity lucrative or dependable so often we rely on the travel and hospitality industry to cover what the holes in our pockets can’t.

That being said all opinions are our own and any sponsored or hosted trips will be disclosed in the relevant blog posts. Freebies are not accepted for positive coverage of any kind (never…..never ever) and I tend to do a lot of research on areas and places I travel to before posting anything on the blog. Honesty and integrity are incredibly important to us, and we hope it shows through in all our work.

We also reserve the right to not publish any guest posts if we don’t feel they are an honest reflection of what we stand for. We strive to bring our readers interesting and insightful guest posts from people working with their hearts in the ocean or in the natural world- and more often than not we have to hunt them down personally to get them to write a post. If you would like to submit a guest post please contact me (linda) and I will send you the guidelines.