Moving Sushi uses scientific exploration and open access data to better understand the social, economic and biological needs for the conservation and sustainable use of key African marine resources.

The name “Moving Sushi” was first etched in vinyl, in 2008, along the body of a 4x4 before Mike and Linda set out on a 42-country expedition driving across East and West Africa, Europe and Asia. For two years they documented in video and photos the inspirational stories of people who are doing things right when it comes to ocean conservation. Since then Moving Sushi has evolved into a passionate team dedicated to all things ocean and marine related. From filmmaking, journalism, blogging and photography to ground breaking marine science expeditions, fisheries science, ocean conservation and travel writing. 

Moving Sushi is a registered Non Profit Company (NPC) and is governed by four directors. Moving Sushi aims to work on projects of social and conservation benefit, and we are very particular about what we do. All the expeditions we undertake are governed by a code of conduct and ethical standards. We are committed to open accessing data, scientific exploration and working on meaningful projects.

Moving Sushi is pleased to announce that through the team efforts during the East African Marine Transect Expedition in 2012/13, Mike Markovina on behalf of the team became a member of the International Explorers Club. This recognition towards scientific exploration is on behalf of the entire Moving Sushi Team and all their hard work. Congratulations. 


Moving Sushi has been awarded the International Explorers Club Flag of Honour for the "African Marine MegaTransect Expedition" This is a great honour and we look forward to successfully completing the expedition and contributing the open access data. 

Moving Sushi Directors


Mike Markovina

Director / Founder / Fisheries Scientist

Mike Markovina has a masters degree in ichthyology and fisheries science from Rhodes University South Africa. After working on leatherback turtle conservation and fisheries management projects for the Mayumba Marine Park in Southern Gabon for the Wildlife Conservation Society, him and his wife, Linda, began a two-year expedition using photography and film to illuminate the positive uses of marine resources across Africa, Asia and Europe. (42 countries in 24 months). Passionate about the oceans and one of Mail and Guardians 200 young South Africans to watch in the environment (2012), Mike currently works extensively in East Africa on illegal fisheries (MCS - Monitoring, Control and Surveillance), spanning the shores of Lake Victoria to the dynamited reefs of Tanzania. Equipped with  years of diving experience, and a deep passion for the marine environment, Mike aims to live a life of respect, appreciation and continued exploration, sharing ideas, innovation, new technologies and open sourced information with the world.


Linda Markovina

Director / Founder / Photography and Travel Journalist 

Linda is a passionate photography and travel journalist, with her award winning work being published in local and international publications. Over and above that, she also writes for various platforms on marine conservation issues. She spent two years as the better looking half of the marine resource expedition, traveling around the globe, writing about and photographing people who were making a change in marine conservation. After successfully completing the expedition in 2010, Linda is now co-director of Moving Sushi, along with her husband, Mike. Moving Sushi has developed into a dynamic company that is dedicated to bringing about inspiration and change in marine and ocean conservation through science, film, photography and open access information. She is currently working on projects focused around human trafficking and slavery at sea as well as documenting fisher communities across Southern Africa. 


Justin Beswick

Director / Entrepreneur

Justin is a high impact entrepreneur with a BSc in Biotechnology and Honors in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town. His primary passion is where the leverage points in a system can be found...so that he can intervene to bring about the greatest positive change. He also has an undying passion for entrepreneurship and enabling others – with the larger goal of facilitating the development of entrepreneurship  through culture and mindset changes. In this regard, Justin has successfully launched organizations and companies that demonstrate and facilitate these efforts and has  been selected as a Brightest Young Mind and World Economic Forum Global Shaper. When not driving various organizations or initiatives, Justin can be found testing his body and mind at the limits through endurance sports and outdoor adventures.