Over the coming years we plan to develop and instigate marine inspired expeditions, gathering together scientists, photographers, film makers and entrepreneurs or anyone that is interested in ocean exploration. The concept for an expedition can be as wild and as far reaching as we dare to dream, and we are gathering people together to dream big. If you would like to be part of an expedition send us an email detailing in what capacity you would like to be involved or what idea you may have that warrants an expedition that as a team, with you, we can build.  

Regarding our expeditions, there is no hard and fast rule, however will will try to endeavour to achieve the following:

1. Create new knowledge that is geographically relevant and scientifically robust. We have previously focused on baseline data (creating a permanent record) that are open access and can be used with other tools i.e. climate change data, sea surface temp data etc. We are inspired conduct expeditions that can have as far reaching collaborative potential as possible. 

2. The expedition science must be replicable (with relevant inexpensive technology). We try to stay away from using US$ million technology for a once off study, unless it is certain to be worth it, because we want other explorers/scientists/NGO's etc. to  be able to add to the data over time. Stereo-videography used during the East African Marine Transect Expedition, is a good example of "relevant off the shelf technology."

3. The data must be relevant and try be as inclusive as possible, i.e. relevance with respect to food security, population requirements (social economics/cultural considerations) etc. All expedition datasets will be open source through the creative commons license. 

4. Expeditions must try and be “ground breaking”  - linking ideas, challenging norms, working from "outside the box" so to speak. 

5. They must be ambitious, built on big ideas then carved to reality.

6. Expeditions must be inspiring - linking people through the very nature of what the team is trying to achieve. 

7. Push scientific boundaries, not only with respect to scientific frontiers (technology), but also the archaic framework by which scientists work "the publish or perish" philosophy.

8. All expeditions are a team effort, and we are happy to explore all possible ideas, and more importantly to turn them into reality. 

As Thesenger once wrote: "for to have done the journey on a camel when you could have done it in a car would have turned the venture into a stunt."